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Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Flooring in our homes is a costly investment.  Why not put ‘New Life’ into your carpets and rugs by having them professionally cleaned? We at ‘New Life Cleaning Ltd.’ have been cleaning carpets and rugs in the Norfolk area for more than a decade and our customers are so pleased with the quality of our results they come back to us time and time again.
Vacuuming frequently will remove unwanted dust and debris from the upper surface of your carpet. However, it doesn’t deal with the dust, debris and general traffic marks that build up deep in the pile of your carpet over time. For allergy sufferers, it’s important to note that pollen, pet dander, dust mites and their excretion become trapped within carpet fibres. When these forms of dirt are left to build up, odours and allergens become airborne which can affect the quality of air that you breathe. With this in mind and your desire to have a carpet with improved appearance and health benefits, contact us today for a free quotation.
Our professional team will identify what method and which one of our extensive range of non-toxic and environmentally friendly solutions are needed to clean your carpet to provide the optimum results. (All COSHH sheets are available on board each van). Using a low moisture cleaning system, we agitate a pre-sprayed solution into the carpet paying special attention to the ‘heavy traffic’ and stained areas. Rotary bonnet mops are then used to draw up the ingrained soil and any excess moisture leaving your carpets dry within 2-3 hours. This process gives the carpets a new lease of life, removes a variety of stains and sanitises the area. We are happy to remove and replace your furniture-saving you the hassle or if the room is clear of furniture we apply a 20% discount.
A Stainguard protective coating can be applied after the cleaning process for the additional benefits of making it easier to clean up any spills and removing dried stains. Alongside this Stainguard we can apply Allergyshield which treats and eradicates dust mites, fungal mould and bacteria and their allergens. We also offer an effective pest removal treatment that treats most flying and crawling insects including fleas, carpet beetles, moths and more.