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Curtain & Blind Cleaning

Dust, greasy finger marks and even insects can find their way onto your curtains and blinds. A lot like carpets, your curtains and blinds act as air filters in the home: catching and holding airborne dust, odours and allergens. Is it time to consider getting them cleaned?

Our cleaning method is very gentle and suitable for the most delicate of fabrics. We clean your curtains and blinds in situ, saving you the hassle of taking them down and living without them for a number of days, then waiting for the folded creases to drop out. This is a thing of the past.

Our dry cleaning products and techniques provide a freshen up service for you. We start the cleaning process with a thorough vacuum using an industrial strength vacuum cleaner. We then spot clean problem areas using an extensive range of solutions designed to deal with a multitude of stains. The curtains are then sprayed with a dry cleaning agent that contains colour enhancers and optical brighteners; and by using micro-fibre mitts we gently agitate to remove soil and stains leaving your curtains and blinds looking vibrant and smelling fresh.