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Upholstery & Leather Cleaning

Our cleaning methods are tailored specifically to your individual requirements as upholstery comes in a variety of different fabrics including cotton, silk, velvet, dralon, leather etc. Regular upholstery cleaning by ‘New Life Cleaning Ltd.’ will enhance and expand the life of your delicate fabrics, while keeping them looking at their best.


You will benefit from the eradication of bacteria, dust and debris trapped within the fibres as we provide a deep clean all over the furnishing, including the crevices. The cleaning specialist will select from our range of revolutionary solutions which are detergent free, eco-friendly and contain natural plant extracts. Alongside the perfect solution, we use our hot water extraction system with its adjustable temperature and pressure controls that are set to the optimum condition for your furnishings to achieve phenomenal results. For those extra delicate fabrics we can provide a dry clean freshen up service.

Once we have completed the professional clean we are able to apply a Stainguard protective coating to help prevent damage from accidental spills or an anti-allergy solution which treats and eradicates dust mites, fungal mould and bacteria and their allergens.


In recent years leather has become more affordable and the sale of leather suites represents a large percentage of furniture sold today. Most leather comes fully protected and is considered simple to clean. Unfortunately this is not the case. Many of our customers first contacted us after being disappointed with the results of DIY leather cleaning kits or wipes.

As long as leather is cared for and cleaned properly it can maintain a good appearance. Professional cleaning can help maintain the leather’s moisture balance by removing oil and soil that can break down the leather’s protective coating over time.

Our team are trained to identify different types of leather in order to clean it using the appropriate method. A specialised leather cleaning and nourishing agent is applied which has been specifically designed not only to break down grease and grime, but to re-nourish the leather keeping it supple which prolongs its life. Using our oscillating rotary machine with super soft brushes and variable speed we are able to achieve the most thorough deep clean possible. Micro-fibre hand mitts are then used to gently lift the soil and any excess solution revealing the original suite you bought. So why not contact us today for this professional clean.